Healthy Meal Delivery Services To Try in 2023

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Keen to diversify or improve your diet, but not sure where to start? Consider signing up to one of the many healthy meal delivery services on the market. These offer nutritious, freshly prepared meals which you can put together at home within minutes, saving you time on shopping for ingredients and slaving away in the kitchen for hours. It’s also a great way to expand your cooking repertoire long-term. There are endless options to choose from nowadays – so we’ve pulled together a list of the ones worth spending your money on. Whether you’re looking for a vegan meal plan, a fitness-focused service or a total detox, there’s something for everyone.

Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services

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Prepared meals from Omni Wellness Collective

OMNI Wellness

This new bespoke food delivery service comes from celebrity PT Aimee Victoria Long, PT Josh Davies and nutritionist Lucy Raetz-O’Connell, designed for time poor people looking for nutritious, delicious food. Chefs prepare carefully curated meals which are tailored to each individual – whether you’re after a gut health cleanse, balanced meals to fuel your train or dishes to support food intolerances. Don’t miss the special OMNI snack range too.

From £30 per day. omni-wellnessgroup.co.uk

Field Doctor frozen meal delivery service

Field Doctor

Each of the Field Doctor meals are chef-prepared and very tasty – but still wholly guided by peer-reviewed research into nutrition. Whether you’re aiming to follow a low FODMAP diet, introduce more vegan or plant-based meals, or switch to a leaner diet, the service offers a selection of meal plans which take the effort out of switching up your diet. Order in batch and sit them in your freezer until you fancy them – whether it’s a plant-based lasagne slathered in cashew ‘cheese’ sauce, or the warming sweet potato korma, there’s enormous range in what they offer.

From £6.95 per meal. fielddoctor.co.uk

Tastily - Vegan Macaroni Cheese (healthy meal delivery services)


Made up of a team of foodies and expert chefs, Tastily is on a mission to make eating great tasting food easier and healthier. The brand is known for fresh, pre-made meals that are nutritionally balanced and packed full of quality seasonal ingredients, including at least two servings of veg per portion. Anyone in the family can enjoy – even the fussiest of little eaters – and meals can be whizzed up in just three minutes. Four new dishes are added each fortnight, but to give you an idea of what to expect, current offerings include chicken fajita bowls, prawn paella, and peri-peri halloumi.

From £6.74 per meal. tastily.co.uk

PRESS Juice (healthy meal delivery services)

PRESS London

Famed for its cold-pressed juices, PRESS London offers a range of plant-based detox services. These involve consuming purely fruit and vegetables for a period of time, designed to give your digestive system a rest from the normal routine. If you can’t face going the whole hog, opt for the Soup Cleanse: four cold-pressed juices and three soups a day for two to five days.

From £41 per day. press-london.com

Detox-Kitchen-Fridge-fills (healthy meal delivery services)

Detox Kitchen

Wandering around London, you may have chanced upon one of the Detox Kitchen delis, found in Soho and Fitzrovia, which serve up fresh and tasty salads, juices and sweet treats. What you may not know is that you can enjoy this goodness at home too, with a plethora of meal plans available to sign up to online. Whether you’re after a protein-heavy cleanse or vegan meals that will keep you full all day long, there are plans for all health needs. After one-off meals instead? Check out the Fridge Fills selection: freshly prepared meals made using the highest quality ingredients, with vegan, protein or mixed options to choose from.

Meal plans from £31.45 per day. detoxkitchen.co.uk

Kurami All Day Plan


If you’re losing motivation to cook healthy meals, Kurami has you covered. The brand’s Signature Meal Path is designed to maintain gut health and boost the power of food, crafted by a dedicated nutritionist. With avocado on buckwheat toast, Mexican bowls, aubergine and kale salad and golden chai moon mylk, you will never be stuck for choice. The menu includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks for every day of the week.

Available weekly from kurami.co.uk

Plenish - juice bottles lined up against marble background (healthy meal delivery services)


In need of a detox? Plant-powered drinks brand Plenish offers a whole host of juice cleanses, from a dedicated soup option to one targeted at immunity. All products are organic, cold-pressed and sustainably sourced, sent to your door in recycled and recyclable PET bottles. If you’re a newbie to the detox world, go for the beginner option: six juices per day, with a choice of one to seven day programmes. There’s also a 5:2 programme, designed for those doing intermittent fasting. The best bit? They all actually taste good. You’ll be enjoying drinks like Savour, a nut mylk made with cacao, maca, dates and cashew, plus Sheild, an immune system-boosting juice featuring apple, carrot, lemon and ginger. Soups, meanwhile, include a roasted carrot and ginger combination, plus a kale, spinach and turmeric number.


Meal boxes from Fresh Fitness Food

Fresh Fitness Food

The delivery service of choice for those who are serious about fitness – and food. This is undoubtedly the most hi-tech of the services on offer, starting with a telephone consultation with a health expert to discuss your aims, needs and preferences. Each day’s delivery is then completely tailor-made for each customer. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, boost your exercise performance or lose weight, the bespoke nutrition plans get to work instantly on improving you from the inside out. All food preferences and intolerances are taken into consideration too, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, lactose intolerant or just averse to certain foods. Best of all, it’s all delicious, thanks to Michelin star trained menu consultants, who work alongside expert chefs, nutritionists and fitness experts to create nourishing, delicious meals that nourish and strengthen the body rather than depriving it. The brand’s app, meanwhile, allows you to track macros, order bespoke meals and more.

From £23 per day. freshfitnessfood.com

The Pure Package

The Pure Package

The Pure Package was borne out of a desire to help busy people eat well. ‘My philosophy is that you can reach your health goals whilst enjoying delicious nutritionally-balanced convenient food,’ says founder Jennifer Irvine. The USP here is the personal element: everything can be tailored to individual needs and intolerances, whichever programme you’re on. We tried the recently launched Patrick Holford Brain Food package, which is filled with brain-boosting foods such as oily fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pulses, nuts and seeds. Each evening you’ll receive your food package for the following day in a temperature-controlled bag (handy for transporting around), which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a morning and afternoon snack. Everything we tried was delicious, and portions tend to be generous with a healthy balance of high-quality protein, slow release carbs and essential fats. The Brain Food package comes with a nutrition supplement too: a powerful combination of essential omega fats, antioxidants, phospholipids and B vitamins – basically, all the good stuff, so expect to feel extra-alert and energetic.

Packages from £49.95 per day. purepackage.com

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef

Since its launch in 2015, Mindful Chef has become a market leader in healthy meal delivery. Each week there are 20 recipes to choose from, with meat, fish and plant-based options – everything being free from gluten, dairy and refined carbs. All ingredients are delivered to your door, along with an easy to follow recipe: perfect for those who want to make life a bit easier, but still enjoy cooking. You can choose between one, two and four person bundles, and as everything is measured out precisely there’s no waste. Portions are generous too, particularly the meat and fish, which are sourced sustainably. Don’t miss this month’s Veganuary specials: there’s a Malaysian tofu and coconut laksa, spiced chickpea and date tagine, and creamy broccoli and kale pasta.


Tuck Food

Tuck Food

Before the coronavirus crisis hit, Tuck Food would deliver freshly cooked meals for Londoners to heat up at home or at work. The brand’s offering has now changed slightly to Frozen Tuck Boxes: you’ll be delivered a delicious frozen main course, which you can cook with your own carbohydrate such as rice, pasta or potatoes. Dishes on the menu span many cuisines: curries, chillies, lasagnas and pies have all featured in recent weeks, with vegan and vegetarian options available each day.

6 boxes for £35. tuckfood.com

Apres Food Co

Apres Food Co

For the ultimate in convenience, opt for flash-frozen meals to stock up your freezer with, so you’re always prepared. Clerkenwell restaurant owners, accredited nutritional therapist Catherine Sharman and Danny Gray have launched health-focused food boxes with their award-winning wellbeing brand Apres Food Co. You can match the food to your lifestyle, dietary requirements and health concerns, with boxes including the Immune Function Support Box, Clarity of Mind & Energy Box and the Blissful Sleep Box. The meals are seriously tasty; we’d particularly recommend the Cornish fish stew.

Dishes from £6. apresfood.com

No 1 Food Prep

No1 Food Prep

This food delivery service was born out of a desire to help their clients continue the good work and weight loss they’d achieved at one of their No.1 Bootcamp’s residential fitness retreats (based in Norfolk, but they also run them in Marrakech, Portugal and Ibiza). The clients enjoyed the organic, freshly prepped and calorie counted food so much they wanted to know how to emulate it at home. Now they don’t have to as you can order fresh deliveries straight to your door. Choose from three different regimes (light for weight loss, balance for maintenance and max for larger meals for those in training) and just click to order the dishes you want. Examples include tarragon and rosemary baked chicken, ratatouille and butternut squash puree, and sweet potato and chickpea falafel, three cabbage slaw and smoky tomatoes and peppers.

Individual dishes from £6.50. no1foodprep.com

Bowl of vegetables, beans, chickpeas and lentils with a silver spoon (healthy meal delivery services)

Nosh Detox

If you don’t know what ketosis is, here it is in a nutshell: it’s when your body burns stored fat for energy instead of glucose. When you plan your meals around this, it means your body will take its calories from protein and fats as opposed to carbohydrates and sugars – hence you’ll both lose weight and get a massive energy boost besides. Nosh founder, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, has been at the forefront of healthy food delivery services for 10 years and the VeganKeto meal plan is aimed at the new and growing wave of people who are saying goodbye meat, hello veg. A sample week includes dishes filled with good fats and low in carbohydrates, such as garlic and oregano broccoli on cauliflower rice or mushrooms in creamy sauce with pumpkin seeds and konjac noodles. Vegetables have never been so sexy.

From £53 per day for the cleanse. noshdetox.com

Spring Green London

Spring Green London

Beautiful food that tastes great is at the heart of Spring Green London’s philosophy, a food delivery service which aims to challenge perceptions of healthy eating by creating dishes that people want rather than feel they should have. Both their three and five-day programmes have a strong focus on botanical superfoods and make the most of naturally-occurring nutrients to help nourish body, skin and mind. Choose between vegan, light protein and active protein plans and let the food do the talking. Spring Green is lean, clean and the perfect way to get you excited about healthy eating again.

From £39.20 per day. springgreenlondon.com



The focus at Potage is on eating fresh and well, rather than dieting. A selection of high quality hot pots, salads, sharing boards and snacks are available to order for same-day delivery (lunch orders before 10am and evening orders before 4pm), regularly or spontaneously, online, by phone or via an app. Everything is handmade in small batches for that home-cooked taste and feel, and with weekly changing menus it’s impossible to get bored.

Dishes from £6.95. potage.co.uk

Featured image: The Pure Package